Monday, 9 July 2018

Book Review

Queen Killer, Legacy Hunter 1

by Chris Heinicke and Kate Reedwood

(Published 2017)

Described to me as Indiana Jones meets Star Wars and I have to say that's accurate!

This is a fun sci-fi action adventure and the pace rollicks along!  

Heinicke and Reedwood have clearly got some great teamwork going on here - you can't tell this is a collaboration. There are no differences in writing style between sections and the story flows well.

Axel Ryan is convinced that if he can find an ancient star-drive then he can solve the Earth's energy crisis and pretty much save the planet.  However in doing so he must betray the woman he loves, Ellie, and work with a treacherous group of mercenaries.  What follows is and action packed race for the star-drive, battles against space pirates / mercenaries and a hit man.

Looking for a light fun weekend read then this space adventure might fit the bill.  

Four Stars.


Friday, 8 June 2018

Book Review

Doomsday's Child

by Pete Aldin

(Published 2017)

Doomsday’s Child is a rip roaring, flesh rending zombie fest - with class.

Aldin manages to tick all the boxes you’d expect with this well-crafted story. Set in Tasmania, the novel revolves around Elliot, a former special ops soldier suffering PTSD, who was working in private sector security when the zombie apocalypse started and Lewis a 13 year old boy whom he rescues. It is the characterisations that make Aldin’s novel a standout from other novels in this genre that I’ve read. They are complex, with interesting backstories which are slowly unveiled throughout the challenges of their journey and the relationships between them are believable. The dynamic between Elliot and Lewis in this savage world allows Aldin to examine numerous ethical dilemmas.

The bad guys are stereotypical; however they are none the less well done and, let’s face it, the types of villains we encounter in our everyday news bulletins.

The pacing was excellent throughout and I was easily hooked on Doomsday’s Child. The end indicates that there’s more to Elliot’s story and I’ll definitely be reading the next one.  

Five Stars. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Fans of Christine Feehan, J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon are going to love Dark Deceit by Lauren Dawes.  

The Aesir gods' power has waned with their lack of followers.  The valkyries have abandoned Odin, yet remain loyal to each other.  The rest of the pantheon are scattered and a "dysfunctional" family at best.  Dark elves, formerly hunted by the Norse gods, are assassins and Korvain is amongst their best.  Loki...well you'll just have to listen to it to find out what Dawes does with her version of Loki.  All I'll say is that you won't think of him the same way again.

Korvain is sent to assassinate Byrn, Odin's favourite valkyrie.  Now, you know where this is heading - of course he falls in love with her. The romance between the two is written well and is both sweet and very passionate, and counter-balances the violence of the plot nicely.

This novel is rife with ancient feuds, pantheon politics, crime, and murder and is appropriately set in a dark, urban, grimy environment that you'd expect from a crime noir novel.   I liked it.   

I also liked the choice of narrator, which surprised me as I'm not generally a fan of American audio narration.  (Apologies to my US friends.)  Jeremy Cohen is easy to listen to and the clarity and pacing of his voice meant I'd no trouble keeping up with the story.  He produces a broad range of male accents, making it easy to pick characters, and has the kind of voice you'd expect in crime noir.  (He could easily play Sam Spade).  This is ideal in Dawes' dark world.  (My only complaint was that this didn't lend work well with his narration of the female roles - I came away feeling the valkyries were a bit whimpy.)

Overall I enjoyed it and fans of Feehan, Kenyon and Ward will love it.

Overall 4 Stars
Performance 3 Stars
Story 4 Stars

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Friday, 27 April 2018

Update... ARC team recruits & Audio Book Reviews

Well things have been quiet on the blog for a while, but I'm getting back into the swing of things. 

I'll have a new section for audio book reviews starting up soon and I'll be catching up on book reviews in my backlog.

Writing for my next book Rada is progressing well. I'm in the home stretch....Yay!


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